How Accurate is Google’s Knowledge Block?

Google’s knowledge block (pictured) appears in search results as a little block summarizing some basic info about the topic you searched for. However, there is some human bias and room for error with the data and information that is presented in the block (take it with a grain of salt!).

The data comes from user-edited sources like Wikipedia, websites using schema (just because you can do SEO, doesn’t mean you have a balanced view of society or you have your facts straight), and a data bias from machine learning that may not be accurate (a machine creating an average or mean of data could make an erroneous extrapolation of some kind).

Although this is great at presenting some quick facts, take any information that may not be concrete, and investigate it further. There’s a reason why peer-reviewed scholarly articles are considered to be factual and accurate, and sources like Wikipedia that are openly edited are not.

What do you think? Is Google doing internet users a favour by conveniently displaying information like this, or are they doing us a disservice by presenting inaccurate information?

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