Here’s the Recipe for the Perfect Caption Sandwich

Are you craving comments? Lusting for likes? 🤤 This perfect caption sandwich recipe is sure to satisfy 🥪:

🥒: Top your sandwich with a pickle (AKA a crunchy way to snag your audience’s attention). You’ve got to hook your audience in your first few characters.

🍞: The type of bread makes a big difference. Be sure to choose the best bread for your caption sandwich!

Whole Wheat: Informative – not always exciting, but good for your brain.
Sourdough: Entertaining – the easiest bread to digest with a touch of flavour.

🧀: Speaking directly to your audience (using “you” instead of “we”) is cheese because nothing keeps you more engaged than cheese. Hey YOU, say “CHEESE”!

🦃: There’s no point making a sandwich if no one eats it (and who wants to eat a sandwich without turkey?) Use @ mentions to tag people who are sure to eat your sandwich. For example, if you mention someone’s name, don’t forget to tag them so they can take a bite.

🥫: Don’t be shy, throw some sauce on there. A connection to your products or services can go a long way in your captions.

🍅: A call to action or question is a great way to encourage engagement. For example: Tomato is the worst part of a sandwich 🤮.

🥬: Lettuce gives your sandwich that extra crunch. Make your caption sandwiches extra crunchy by including relevant hashtags. 🥪

Hungry yet? 😋 What ingredients do you put on your caption sandwiches?

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