Recap of the Google ‘Zero-Click’ Searches Drama

Grab your popcorn! 🍿 We’re breaking down some recent drama in the SEO community regarding ‘zero-click’ Google searches.

A recent study by SparkToro suggested 2/3 Google searches now end in zero clicks, meaning Google could be limiting the amount of traffic it is directing from search. 

With Google features like featured snippets, info-panels, and videos, the study suggests that many people are resolving their queries without needing to click through to a webpage. 

It’s safe to say Google was not impressed by these accusations!

Here’s a summary of Google’s response: 

1️⃣ Most ‘zero-click’ searches are due to people being unsure how to word their queries. They may make several ‘zero-click’ searches before ultimately finding what they were looking for. 

2️⃣ Many searches take people to apps rather than websites.

3️⃣ Some searches drive people directly to businesses (ie. searches for business hours).

Despite a potential rise in the number of ‘zero-click’ searches, Google still sends billions of clicks to websites every day. This means that SEO is still an essential strategy for driving traffic to your site. 

As Google evolves, it becomes even more important to stay on top of important updates in order to maximize your search visibility. (Psst… that’s where an SEO expert can help!) 

What are your thoughts on the ‘zero-click’ searches accusation? Let us know in the comments below! 👇




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