Google MUM: Bring On the Complex Questions!

Who do you ask when you have a tricky question? 🤔 MUM, of course! It turns out Google thinks so too… 

Google is piggybacking off of mom’s expertise with their upcoming model, MUM. 

Google’s Multitask United Model or MUM for short is about to be a revolution in the SEO world. 🤯

When users need to complete a complex task, it takes an average of about 8 search queries for them find everything they need. Google MUM will cut those queries down significantly!

MUM understands the nature of complex questions and gathers all of the necessary information at once. 

As great as MUM sounds, some SEO experts are worried that less doesn’t always mean more. 😰

Although most of us don’t like sifting through search results, by doing this, we are more capable of judging the credibility, relevance, and authority of the content. 

This sifting through content is also is what drives traffic to different websites… This means that MUM could cause search traffic to plummet.👎 

MUM is on her way to change the SEO world but does have a few characteristics that may cause some trouble! 

So what are your thoughts on MUM? Let us know in the comments below!🤔👇

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