Google is Testing Lead Form Extensions

Google is currently testing lead form extensions for Google Ads just like the ones available on Facebook and LinkedIn!

This was spotted by Steven Johns, he was able to access this interface in one of his Google Ad accounts.

If you look at the screenshot in the graphic above, you can see how the new ad extension works. It’s designed to catch a potential customer’s attention with a strong call-to-action and to entice them to fill out a lead form so that marketers and your sales team will have their information.

Advertisers will be able to create a lead form with their own title, description, and add fields to obtain the lead’s name, phone number, email, and postal code. Once the lead has filled out the form, advertisers will also be able to display a customized thank you message in closing.

These lead forms could be a great way to decrease friction in the lead generation process and create more conversions with your Google Ads campaign. Google says that these lead forms will not be available for some businesses and more sensitive verticals.

We are excited to see these lead forms in practice and the impact they will have on Google Ads campaigns. At Konstruct Digital, we stay on top of all of the latest digital marketing trends so that we can deliver the best results for each of our clients. If you’re looking to start a strategic Google Ads Campaign, get into contact with us!

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