How to Fix Your Attention Ratio

Studies show that internet users of today have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

Because of this, a big part of optimizing a website for conversions revolves around removing any distractions that they may have.

Your attention ratio is the number of potential interaction points (links) a user has to the number of calls to action on a page.

On a typical web page, this is around 30:1. In other words, there are 30 things a user can click on and only one call to action. The extra links can distract users from taking the action that we want them to when it comes to making a conversion.

When it comes to dedicated landing pages, the attention ratio needs to be as low as possible. Most good landing pages have a 1:1 attention ratio. This means that the only clickable link on that page is the call to action.

Because every campaign should have one goal, every corresponding landing page should have one click for that goal to maximize conversions.

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