Facebook Messenger Guest Chat

Facebook rolled out an interesting new feature for Messenger chat 💬 with Facebook Business pages! ⁣

Because so many businesses are using messenger chat widgets on websites, Facebook made the decision to make the platform a bit more inclusive. 🙏⁣

Previously, users would have to be logged into Facebook in order to chat with businesses and ask questions in real-time. Now, users are able to chat anonymously as guests 👤 without logging into Facebook. When this happens, conversations are deactivated after 24 hours.⁣

This is good in the sense that it is lower friction for users that may have a question for your business, products, or services. It is bad in the sense that businesses using messenger chatbots 🤖 to follow up with leads and communicate will not be able to do so with guest users. ⁣

It will be interesting to see the impact 💥 of this adjustment to Messenger and how it will impact businesses with live chat widgets on their websites! ⁣

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