How the Facebook Lawsuit Could Affect Your Business

Facebook is being sued! Keep reading to find out what this means for your business! 😱

The US Federal Trade Commission recently filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Facebook, claiming that the tech giant maintains a monopoly by squashing rivals and vacuuming up competitors. 

If you’ve read ANY digital marketing news lately, this will come as no surprise. It seems like every other week Facebook has gobbled up a new start-up. 

Most notably, the FTC is pushing for Facebook to spin off Instagram AND WhatsApp, two platforms that have become core aspects of the tech giant’s reign. 

So… what does this all mean for YOU? 

The good news: 

Facebook has become very much “pay-to-play”. Organic reach on the platform has plummeted in recent years, making it difficult for brands to get their messages in front of their followers. 

This lawsuit COULD shift the balance of power in social media. This could potentially make way for different platforms that offer greater organic reach for businesses. 

The bad news: 

Facebook’s ties with Instagram have made it easier for social media marketers to post, schedule, and promote content between the two platforms. A split could result in some extra work for those of us in the marketing industry!

What are your thoughts on this news? 🤔 Does Facebook deserve this scrutiny? How do you feel about a Facebook/Instagram breakup? Let us know in the comments! 




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