Digital Marketing Recap: Episode 3

Are you ready for another Digital Marketing News Recap?! 🔥

In this weeks recap, we are diving into these new Amazon, Google, and Instagram updates:👇

1️⃣  Amazon is looking to create its own third-party cookies alternative. ðŸª

2️⃣ Google has incorporated ads into Google Maps and promotes targeted ads based on your route! ðŸš—

3️⃣ It’s true, Instagram is migrating over to a business and shopping platform. They are currently working on a camera search option. ðŸ“· 

The digital industry becomes more innovative and efficient every day! 

Keep up with the latest digital marketing news to ensure you don’t get lost in the ever-evolving media world. If you do, don’t worry, Google Maps will help you find your way back…just don’t get distracted by those ads! âœ¨

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