Determine Where Your Featured Snippet Would Rank Organically

In the wake of the featured snippet madness 😱 that happened recently, marketers began to contemplate 🤔 de-optimizing their websites to get rid of featured snippets. ⁣

The question that most marketers and website owners have is, where would a website 🙇‍♀️ rank in search results if it no longer had a featured snippet? ⁣

Given that the featured snippet isn’t always from the 🔝 top search result, de-optimizing could mean your website could rank pretty low on the first page 👎 of search results! ⁣

Fear not, we have a sweet hack for #TipTuesday to take the guesswork out of this! 🙌⁣

You can force 💪 the number of results per page to be lower than 10 by using the &num=9 URL parameter (will also work with num=8, num=7, etc). See the pictures in this post for an example!⁣

When you do this, the “featured snippet layer” is disabled, 👏 so the non-snippet rankings are shown. ✅

With this little hack, you’ll be able to see where your website will rank for a search term if you were to de-optimize for a featured snippet. 👍 ⁣

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