Delete Your Old Hashtags!

For #TipTuesday this week, we’ve got a tip that could help your Instagram campaigns reach their full potential and prevent you from being shadowbanned. 🙅⁣

Instagram experts and social media marketers often tell you that you need to use 30 hashtags with each post to maximize reach. 💯⁣

Although this is true, they can also come back to haunt you and affect your engagement if you don’t have the right strategy in place! 😱⁣

If you use the same tags repeatedly, Instagram may flag your posts as spam and shadowban your account. That means your posts will not appear on any hashtag feeds, and it will severely reduce the amount of engagement you receive. 😐⁣

Hashtags only deliver impressions for a few days; there is no need to keep a pile of hashtags on your old posts. Our tip for the week is for you to go back and delete your old tags. 🚫#️⃣ ⁣

Unless a post has won a spot in the “top posts” feed or is still getting engagement, there is no reason to keep the tags. By deleting the tags, you reduce the risk of being shadowbanned and can ensure you’re getting as much engagement as possible with each new post. 👍 ⁣

For all of your social media marketing needs, the team at Konstruct is here to help! 🙌⁣
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