A Decline in Instagram User Growth

Holy guacamole! 😱 Instagram is slowly being knocked off of its high horse. In 2019, their user growth dropped down to single digits for the first time ever. 📉📉📉 In 2018, Instagram’s user base grew by 10.1%. In 2019, it only grew by a meager 6.7%. 😬

This may seem like a real shocker, given that Instagram has been one of the leaders in the social media world for quite some time. 🤯 However, when you take a look at the bigger picture, it’s not that much of a surprise! 🤔

With the rise of TikTok ⏱️, Snapchat making a resurgence 👻, and older internet users 👴 not adopting Instagram as soon as they hoped they would, Instagram was bound to slow down eventually.
Is this the end of the world? 🌍 Definitely not. Instagram’s ad revenues are expected to continue to grow, user behaviour hasn’t changed, and the app is still thriving. 💯 Instagram is still a great place to reach and engage your audience, but you need to keep an eye on TikTok and other competitors in 2020! 🔥

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