Get More Leads from Your Contact Us CTAs

For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to give you a CRO tip! If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to generate more smoking hot 🔥 leads from the contact CTA’s on your website.⁣

Step 1: ⁣
Replace a plain call to action like “Contact Us” with something softer. Try asking a question like “Want to talk about SEO?” 🤗 or even a simple statement like “Let’s Chat!”. Changing up the copy like this is much more welcoming and enticing for users. 👍⁣

Step 2:⁣
Give it a personal touch. When people see an “[email protected]” email address 📨, it makes users think they’ll get some sort of automated response. Adding a personal email from a sales rep or specialist like “[email protected]” 👨 gives users a sense of being able to speak to a real person. Bonus points if you add their photo!⁣

Step 3: ⁣
Give users a sense of your availability. 📅 There’s nothing worse than sitting there wondering when or if someone will ever get back to you. If you can show your availability for a response, whether it’s the hours 🕐 you’re in the office or average response time, it’ll help reassure that you will respond and give users a sense of when. ⁣

If you follow these guidelines and tailor your contact CTA’s on your website, you’ll be on your way to a better conversion rate 📈 and generating more smoking hot leads for your business! ⁣

For all of your digital marketing needs, Konstruct Digital is here to help.

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