Google Announces Core Web Vitals Will Become Ranking Signals!

How healthy are your website’s Core Web Vitals? 🤒 Google announced that Core Web Vitals will become ranking signals for search results in May 2021! 

We previously discussed Google’s announcement of Core Web Vitals back in July, but the announcement that these factors will affect search rankings is big news! 

Core Web Vitals measure how users experience webpage speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. If your Core Web Vitals are a little under the weather, it’s time to give your website some TLC, ASAP! 

Check to see if your website passes the following Core Web Vitals assessment: 

✅ Your main page content must load in 2.5 seconds or faster. 

✅ Your pages must become interactive in less than 100 ms.

✅ The amount of unexpected layout shift of visual page content should measure less than 0.1.

Less than 15% of sites can currently pass the Core Web Vitals assessment! This means you’ve probably got some work to do to optimize your website for this new search update. 

Google is even taking Core Web Vitals one step further by planning to test labels to identify pages that have met these criteria. We estimate that this could seriously affect your organic traffic, on top of the effect on your search rankings. 

It’s definitely worth optimizing your site before these ranking signals kick in! As always, contact us if you need some extra support. 😀




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