Chrome Blocks All Ads on Sites Showing Disruptive Video Ads

No one likes disruptive video ads 😤. Remember the glory days of YouTube before video ads? It looks like those days may return sooner than we think!⁣

The Coalition for Better Ads, 👮 a group that works to develop advertising standards, 👩‍⚖️ announced a new set of standards for ads that show video 🎥 content on websites. ⁣

In reaction to the coalition announcing that website owners should stop 🛑 showing these ads to visitors, Google Chrome is planning to expand its user protections and will stop showing ALL ADS ⛔️ on sites that show disruptive ads.

If your website shows video ads like these, you should consider reviewing your site status ✅ in Google Search Console’s “Ad Experience Report” to ensure there are no violations and that your ads will run. This report can be found in the “Web Tools” 🛠️ section of Search Console. ⁣

If your site has been reviewed, you’ll see a message letting you know your site has passed ✅ the ad experience report. If there is a warning ⚠️ with the report or your site has a failing grade 🚨, there will be an alert in the report.⁣

If you have not received a review, or you’ve fixed the issues and you’d like to request another review, you can do so with the “Request Review” from at the bottom of the report. 🙌⁣

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