Check Your Page Speed!

Yesterday, we went over how Chrome was going to start warning users about slow websites.

For today’s #TipTuesday post, we’re going to show you how to check your website’s page speed and get some pointers on how to speed things up. You’ll be on track to earning better search rankings and making more conversions after this!

Navigate to Google’s page speed insights tool ( and enter your website’s URL. Click “Analyze” to begin the test.

Once the test has been completed, you’ll see a score like the one pictured below. There are two tabs, Mobile and Desktop, to review the different page speed reports.

The report gives you a number of important page speed metrics. These metrics include a field report, the first meaningful paint, first contentful paint, speed index, first CPU idle, time to interactive, and the max potential first input delay.

Below these metrics, the diagnostics section can be found. Here, a number of different potential issues that could be affecting your page speed will be displayed.

The results of the diagnostics section will help guide your efforts to improve your page speed! This will prevent users from abandoning a slow loading site, help improve your conversion rate, and even help you earn better search rankings.

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