Breadcrumbs Report in Search Console

To keep things going with the structured data and Google news theme this week, there’s been another interesting development from the folks at Google that will help website owners immensely with their structured data.

As of this week, there is now a breadcrumbs report available in Google Search Console! For those of you that aren’t familiar with breadcrumb trails, they are used to tell users about a particular page’s hierarchy on a website. For example, if you navigate to a businesses “About” tab, then select “Hours and Pricing” from a drop down menu, you would likely see Home > About > Hours and Pricing for the breadcrumb trail.

SEO’s use structured data with breadcrumbs to help search engines display this information to users. If your breadcrumb trail isn’t displaying as it was intended to, this report in Google’s Search Console will give you a place to check and it may help you resolve the issue.

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