Top 4 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media marketers rejoice! Instagram publishing is FINALLY available through third-party platforms 🎉

In honour of the new Instagram Content Publishing API, here are some of our favourite social media scheduling tools: 

1️⃣ Loomly → This is our #1 choice! The interface is very intuitive and you can publish to tons of platforms including Google My Business and TikTok!

2️⃣ Coschedule → This tool allows you to manage blog and social content in the same place!

3️⃣ Crowdfire → This tool helps you choose the best time to schedule posts for maximum engagement. 

4️⃣ Buffer → This tool has an engagement screen that makes it easy to respond to Instagram comments. 

If you’ve yet to make the switch to social content scheduling, this is your sign! Scheduling your social content will help you manage multiple platforms in a central location, post consistently, and publish content at times that are most suitable for your audience! 🙌

Bonus tips: Make sure to still monitor your social channels for comments and messages and be aware of any significant social events. If your happy-go-lucky posts continue to publish during a tragic event, your posts could appear inappropriate. 

What is your favourite social media scheduling tool? Let us know in the comments! 😃




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