Banner Ads Turn 25 Years Old!

Its official, whether you like them or not, banner ads have been around for 25 years now.

In 1994, Volvo, AT&T, 1-800-Collect, and a handful of others purchased the first banner ad inventory available from the online publication, HotWired. The ads had a (astounding by today’s numbers) 44% click through rate and generated substantial brand awareness and consideration for the brands.

Flash forward to today and, as much as they annoy some web users, banner ads are still alive and well. They may not have the click-through-rate that they once had (hovering around 0.1% now), but they are still an extremely effective way to generate brand awareness and consideration in the right campaign.

It’s estimated that the average web user sees 1700 banner ads a month. That’s huge! This all just goes to show, digital marketing isn’t a new thing. Banner ads, and other forms of PPC have matured and have since become commonplace in many digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing may be getting older, but it’s proven to stand the test of time. It won’t be going anywhere soon!

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