Apple’s IDFA Update: A Nightmare for Digital Advertisers

Apple is soon rolling out a new update that could change digital advertising as we know it! 😮 App users will be given more explicit information about data tracking from each app and will be given the opportunity to easily opt-out of this tracking.

If this notification popped up on your phone, would you select “Allow Tracking”? 🤔… Probably not. 

Many are guessing that this notification will spook app users into tapping “Ask App Not to Track”, which would create a real problem for digital advertisers. 

Facebook and Snapchat are said to be the most impacted by these changes and Facebook is playing hardball to try to stop Apple in its tracks. 

Facebook argues that the reduced data will inhibit SMBs from honing their ad targetting. This means reduced ad effectiveness and a limited ability to use ad budgets effectively. 

Keep in mind that Facebook has been hugely limiting organic reach for SMBs in recent years in an effort to push them towards paid advertising. 

Interestingly, Apple’s personalized ad platform isn’t subject to the new policy changes. 

So which team are you on? 

Team Apple: “People should have the opportunity to control how their data is used.” 


Team Facebook: “The changes will be devastating to small businesses and should be stopped.” 

Let us know in the comments! 👇




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