5 Questions to Ask When Doing Keyword Research

So… your pages aren’t bringing in the organic traffic you hoped they would…😬 It might be because you’re targeting the wrong keywords!

Luckily, our Managing Partner, Amanda, is your saving grace 😇. She compiled a list of 5 questions that you need to ask yourself while doing your keyword research.

The following questions will guide you to select the best target keywords for your site. 👇

1️⃣ Does your page type match the intent of the query?

For example, if Google is typically surfacing articles for the search query in question, trying to rank a landing page for the same query might not be effective.

2️⃣ How steep is the competition for the query in question?

If the competition is so steep that you don’t have a chance of ranking, it might be better to choose something less competitive.

3️⃣ Does the keyword actually make sense in your user’s journey?

Make sure you search & check the keyword first to ensure it aligns with your business and customer.

4️⃣ Does your keyword have cluster potential?

For example, is it possible to rank for multiple related keywords on the same page?

5️⃣ Does your keyword have a high volume?

Given everything else, you’ll often want to select the keyword with the highest volume. But, you’ll want to make sure you’re solid on the previous tips. High volume with mismatched intent, high competition, and poor alignment is a recipe for failure. Depending on your niche, sometimes low value keywords where you have full alignment can be extremely valuable.

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