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If you have been interested in optimizing your website you may have come across the term technical SEO, but what is it really?. Technical SEO is one element in successfully optimizing a website for search engines. Technical SEO factors cover how search engines (like Google) access your website and if there are any technical barriers to ranking with the search engines.

Your SEO’s Foundation

Technical SEO can be compared to the foundation of a house, it should be completed before any other optimization is done on your website. It is unlikely that technical SEO work alone will result in significant rankings increases but it is a precursor to additional optimization. Technical SEO elements include:

These elements essentially tell search engines how to read your website and what it should be ranked for. Without a proper foundation everything else begins to break down, without proper technical SEO all of your other site optimization isn’t as effective. For your site to have a successful SEO strategy you first need to ensure that it is appearing properly to search engines and, that it is telling search engines what it should be ranking for.

Without proper technical SEO implementation even amazing content might not attract the attention of search engines.

Do I need Technical SEO?

If you have been adding content to your website and seeing little to no SEO growth, then there is a good chance your website has some major technical SEO issues. Konstruct Interactive can provide your business with an in depth technical SEO audit of its website. We analyze your site for all technical SEO factors that can impact how your website ranks on search engines.

Once your site has had a technical SEO strategy implemented you will notice that your content becomes more relevant to search engines and begins to rank higher.
Don’t let your amazing content go to waste, make sure your website has the proper technical SEO foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about how technical SEO is affecting your website, or having a technical SEO audit done on your website please contact us. We are ready to help with any SEO services your business may need.

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Joel Messner

Joel Messner

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