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This article is part of our Business in Alberta series where we discuss the economic and business environment in Alberta, Canada.

In our discussion of the Calgary 2026 Olympic bid, Konstruct wants to make it perfectly clear that we are an independent neutral party, we have no vested interest in the Olympic bid other than curiosity. Our research on the topic has been entirely self funded.

Last week my company released our results on our 2026 Olympics Survey for Businesses. I thought the results were interesting: business owners were marginally in favour of the olympic bid. However, the results seemed mixed on if the Olympics would actually positively impact their business.

Benefits like “employment” appears lower in the potential economic benefits than “civic pride”. This combined with the other survey results could lead to an argument that business owners in general aren’t convinced of the possible business impacts.

Why should anyone care what business owners think about the Olympics?

We think there are two very important reasons: economic investment in the region and employment.

Economic Investment

The recent investment climate in Alberta and Calgary has been poor at best. This lack of investment has resulted in stagnant economic growth. Investment fuels business growth which directly influences employment.

Taking the pulse on if business owners think that holding the Olympics in Calgary could help stimulate economic investment is an important consideration.


Calgary’s unemployment rate remains high at over 8%. Economic investment and the general outlook of business owners contributes to expansion and employment.

I hope we can all agree that improving employment in the region is a good thing.

If employers were overwhelmingly saying “NO” to the olympics, that would be an important consideration.

I fully understand that these aren’t the only two issues at stake when it comes to the Olympics. Hosting the Olympics is a complex issue with many facets. This is a glimpse in to just some of those facets.

Public Olympic Opinions from Businesses

Without further adieu, here’s a round-up of public opinions business’s have shared about the olympics.


Air Canada

Four Points by Sheraton Calgary West

Strategic Group

City Street Photos

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Northweather Corporation

Issachar Strategies

BILD Calgary Region

JAMES International Security Consulting

Calgary Sport and Social Club

Calgary Real Estate Team

OffBrand Coffee

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We’re voting yes! #calgary2026 #yyc

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Centennial Wellness

Cowboy’s Calgary

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Remember this moment?! It's time to rally for #Calgary2026!
Join #eddietheeagle, @mrdonovanbailey, @davekellylive_ , @cassiecampbell77, Hidy and Howdy (Calgary's 1988 Mascots) and many others to help drive the #yescalgay2026 movement as we lead up to the November 13th vote. • There is a spectacular line up for this event, with speeches, Q&A and videos from athletes including @tessavirtue17 and @scottmoir14. Plus, fun entertainment by international sports entertainer @cameroncheers.
Show your spirit and create a legacy for the next generation in Calgary by joining us on Monday at noon at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre! Check our story for more details!

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” I support it personally and professionally. Personally there is no greater sporting event in the world than both the Summer and Winter Olympics. It’s the one event that genuinely brings the world together.” – Ed Sims, CEO

Remington Development Corporation

“I think any deal has to stand on its two feet financially first to support it. Looking at what’s in front of us to have 10 to 15 cent dollars into the deal to realize the improvements to the existing assets that we have that are going to be exposed to 100 per cent dollars for Calgarians if we don’t do this deal is very significant.” – Cody Clayton, President

Boardwalk REIT

“It’s important that we all participate in the debate, ask all the right questions in this most important decision we all have to make as Calgarians leading up to the plebiscite. We have first and foremost the best leader leading this. In the 80s, it was Frank King. Today it’s Scott Hutcheson (chair of the Calgary Olympic Bid Corporation for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics). I’m a big believer in great leaders and I have trust in Scott.” – Sam Kolias, CEO


“I think that any smart business person would make the decision to invest $390 million (by the City of Calgary) to get back $4 billion. It seems like it is the exact kind of scenario that any entrepreneur would say that’s a great investment and that’s a great deal.” – Megan Szanik, Owner

Nick’s Steakhouse & Pizza

“We’re supporting it because I saw how it transformed Calgary and Calgarians last time . . . It’s such a fantastic situation, especially now if we get some extra funding coming in.” – Mark Petros, Owner

Village Brewery

“I’m a civic booster. I’m a big believer in Calgary. I moved here (from Toronto) because I was a big believer in Calgary. I’m just watching right now and it feels like Calgarians are having a really hard time and that the fear primarily because of an industry in a bad spot, which happens to be our foundational industry that supports so much including the arts and sports, is having a tough time and therefore their tough time is our tough time as a city.” – Jim Button, Co-founder

Gravity Cafe

Hinchcliff & Lee

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