US E-Commerce Expected to Hit $1 Trillion in 2022

COVID has changed the world around us in more ways than we can count, one of which is the way we shop… 🛍️

Confined to their homes, people all around the world turned to online shopping to purchase their needs and engage in some much needed retail therapy. 🛒

The pandemic resulted in a US online shopping boost of $183 billion and online shopping is up 42% from 2019!

But is this sudden rise in online shopping an anomaly? Will this trend die down when the world returns to “normal”? 🤔

Not according to experts! 

The pandemic is expected to have a lasting effect on online shopping habits and e-commerce is on track to hit it’s first-ever $1 trillion year in 2022!

Business owners – now is the time to take your business online! The world is changing. You’ll either change with it or get left in the dust. 💨

The online revolution is here and the digital experts at Konstruct are here to help you cash in and stay afloat! 




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