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The digital landscape continues to shift towards mobile devices and this affects how our AdWords campaigns should be optimized. The majority of searches completed on search engines are done on mobile devices. This means putting an emphasis on targeting mobile devices with your AdWords campaigns is important to reach your largest potential audience. Google will not allow you to limit your ad campaigns to show on a certain types of devices, but there are ways to optimize your AdWords campaigns to perform well on mobile.

Ensure you Have Mobile Landing Pages

The most important factor in optimizing your AdWords campaigns for mobile devices is making sure you have mobile friendly landing pages. Google will notice if you are not sending users on mobile devices to pages that are optimized for the device they are using. In turn Google will show your ad less or even not at all to users searching on a mobile device.

It is important to make sure that all the pages of your website are responsive and friendly for mobile users. If you do not have a responsive website then you will need ensure your ads are pointing to mobile friendly pages. You can do this by going into your Google AdWords ads and clicking through to the “Ad URL options.” Once you have done this you will see a checkbox that says “Use a different final URL for mobile,” click this and it will allow you to enter a separate landing page for those accessing your website on mobile devices. Doing this will ensure that Google will not exclude your ads from mobile searches.

Another great trick to further optimize your AdWords campaigns for mobile users is by using AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and can be installed on websites to give users a much faster experience when accessing your website on a mobile device. For more information on what AMP is and how it can benefit your website we have a full article on it in our blog.

To use AMP to further optimize your AdWords campaigns for mobile is quite simple. Again access the “Ad URL options” section of your ad and click the “Use a different final URL for mobile” and specify your ads use AMP versions of your website for mobile users. Google uses load speed to determine how they rank AdWords text ads, using super fast AMP pages will help your text ads rank higher on mobile devices.

Use Call-Only Campaigns and Call Extensions

Call-only AdWords campaigns only display on mobile devices, making this a way to ensure you are targeting mobile users. Of course call-only campaigns are limited and only benefits businesses that value phone calls. Call-only ads can be created to promote a user to call your business and let them know that your business is easy to reach without having to visit your website.

This method of AdWords mobile optimization is very specific to certain businesses and may not help you. Alternatively you can use the call extension for your ads. This will place a call button on your ads when they are displayed on mobile devices. This will help conversion rates for ads that are displayed on mobile.

Optimize your Ad Content for Mobile

Users performing searches on mobile devices often have different motives for completing a search. Mobile users may be looking for a business or service close to them, and often don’t have the time to engage in research or digesting large pieces of information. Mobile users have shorter attention spans and need information in quick snippets.

This means if you are optimizing your ad content for mobile users it is important to put the meat of your ad out front. If you are advertising a special put it at the front of the ad, if you are advertising a service make sure that service is evident in the first few words. Being succinct will help you increase the click through rate of your ads on mobile devices.

Use Bid Adjustments

AdWords allows you to use bid adjustment to increase or decrease your bids based on a specified set of parameters. This can be applied to adjust bids based on the device the ad is appearing on. This means you can increase your ad bids for searches being made on mobile devices. Using an increased bid adjustment for ads appearing on mobile devices will help your ads rank higher on mobile devices. Depending on the ad and the industry you are in can also affect if a bid adjustment is effective. It is important to keep a close eye on how your mobile ads are performing after implementing a bid adjustment and to test different bid adjustment amounts. This is a mobile optimization method that is designed to help your ads achieve more impressions on mobile devices.

We Can Help

Optimizing Google AdWords campaigns for certain devices can be complicated and overwhelming. Luckily the SEM experts at Konstruct have the knowledge and experience to help your business optimize your AdWords campaigns. We have worked with all business types and know how to get Google AdWords performing in a way that works for you. For more information on how we can help with optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns please call us at 587-316-1681.

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