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Supercharge your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns with Calgary's leading provider of PPC management services. Our PPC experts will drive the highest quality traffic to your sites for the lowest possible cost per click.


Scale your business with a PPC plan

Anyone can create an ad. What separates the amateurs from the experts is whether or not an ad creates profit or burns away your marketing budget.

An effective Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy is crucial to growing your business. However, ineffective PPC campaigns are also an easy way to burn money if not managed properly.

There are a plethora of factors that determine how successful an ad campaign will be, and with the right PPC strategy and budgets, PPC can deliver results from day one of launching a campaign. How’s that for instant results?

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Of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page

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The increase in likelihood of PPC visitors to complete a purchase over organic visitors

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Of people said they’d click on a Google ad

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Of consumers click on mobile ads at least weekly

Stop throwing away your money on ad campaigns that don’t deliver results. Let us develop a PPC strategy that will drive instant qualified traffic to your site.

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"Having them on my side really makes a difference in my marketing efficiency." Adventure Mom Insurance Adventure Mom Insurance
"Put your faith in them. They won’t let you down." Chamco Chamco
"I was impressed by their hands-on approach and willingness to go the extra mile." Thank You. Hospitality Management Company Ltd. Thank You Hospitality

Grow your business with PPC

Generating leads, brand awareness, generating revenue and growing your business are all goals that a PPC campaign can satisfy. A robust PPC strategy is important for stepping up your online presence.

Our PPC process delivers results

There is more to PPC than writing an ad and throwing money on it. There are multiple steps that take place before, during, and after creating and running an advertising campaign.

Creating an ad is something anyone can do, but it takes expertise to create ads that convert your ad spend into profit. Through years of experience, we have perfected our process.

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Keyword & Placement Research

Thorough keyword & placement research that target specific people who are primed to buy.

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Creative Copywriting & Visuals

Write words that speak to people’s emotions and captivate their attention.

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Conversion Landing Pages

Dedicated Landing pages with the sole purpose of converting traffic.

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Tracking & Measuring Success

Gather crucial data that drives a campaign’s success.

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Optimization & Budget Management

Ongoing improvements to ad campaigns that only improve your ROI. Optimize ads to show to the right people at the right time with the right ad spend.

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Detailed reports that explain exactly what each number means and what caused those numbers.

Professional PPC Agency Services

PPC Channels We Work With

  • Google Ads / Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Native Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Other Paid Social Channels (Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc)
Local SEO Services
Technical SEO Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Use Google & Bing Ads to augment your organic search strategy. Paid search ads can deliver immediate results.

Detailed Targeting

There’s no point showing your ad to an audience who wouldn’t be interested in your services. The beauty in PPC is that you are able to define who your target audience is and show your ads only to those people.

On Page SEO Services
Off-Site & External SEO Services

Results From Day 1

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other organic online marketing methods are powerful, PPC plays an important role in your online marketing journey. PPC gives your business growth a quick boost from the start.


People who visit your website or offer won’t always initially convert. They need to be nurtured and be reminded of your business. A “no” now could mean a “yes” later.

On Page SEO Services
Off-Site & External SEO Services

Budget Control

PPC can get expensive when budgets are not set correctly. There are multiple ways to set up your ad campaigns to work with your monthly budget. No matter what your monthly budget is, we strive to get you the best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Many Calgary businesses choose between SEO and PPC for their marketing campaigns. Why not both? SEO plays a significant part in your marketing efforts. Organic traffic to your website is powerful, but getting rankings takes time. SEO is more of a long term investment for your business.

Social Media Marketing vs PPC

Social media plays a powerful role in your marketing arsenal. There are two types of social media marketing - paid (PPC) and organic.

The main goal for organic social media marketing is to keep your audience connected and engaged with your business, whereas PPC advertising on social media is geared towards lead generation and getting sales.

Which Channel is Best For Me?

It all depends on which part of the buyer journey you want to target. Are you looking to build brand awareness? Are you looking to retarget website visitors? Is getting leads to your business your primary goal?

People in different channels are in different stages in their buyer journey; in your marketing funnel. Your main goals for launching PPC determines which channels you should run.

Which PPC Channels Do You Work With?

Each PPC channel has its own benefits for certain businesses. Part of our PPC strategy is implementing ads only on channels that will resonate with your business; we won’t waste your budget on a channel that won’t convert.

Google Ads:

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is a powerful paid search engine marketing channel. PPC Search engine traffic is warm, people are searching for answers, and if your products can solve their questions, you’re golden.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook is a great advertising platform to build awareness to your business. While people aren’t on Facebook with the intent to buy into a service, you are able to plant a seed for your business. There are 2.32 billion people that are active on Facebook; there is no shortage in who to market to.

Instagram Ads:

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. With Instagram being a visual channel, click through rates are pretty high and tend to have higher ad recall; users are more likely to remember the ad. It is also currently the highest active social media channel.

LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn ads are perfect for business to business services. It’s the hub of professionals looking to network and work with other businesses. Getting your ads in front of the right business leaders will bring you some highly qualified leads.

Bing Ads:

Bing is the underdog when it comes to online marketing which results in lower competition from related businesses. Although the majority of the Internet uses Google as their search engine, there are still a lot of people that use Bing as their search engine.

Display Advertising:

These are the ads that show on websites you visit. For example, if someone is browsing a fishing blog that is part of Google’s display network, your fishing ad will show up there. Highly targeted traffic within the niche.

How Much Do I Pay When Someone Clicks My Ad?

It all depends on how competitive the industry is. You could see 20 cents per click and up to $20 per click. We work with you to ensure that your PPC campaigns are cost-effective and worth it for your marketing efforts.

What Influences My Quality Score?

A combination of keyword research, landing page content, ad copy all play a role in determining your quality score. Our PPC management makes sure your quality score is up to par to get you the lowest cost per click possible.

What Is the Difference Between an Ad Impression and an Ad Click?

PPC Ad Impression:

An ad Impression is essentially just a view on your ad. When someone sees your ad, it counts as an impression.

PPC Ad Click

An ad click is the next step from an ad impression. This is when the impression actually clicks through on your ad.

How Is Advertising Cost Determined?

Quality Score/Relevancy Score

The more relevant your ad is to your target page, the higher the quality score your ads will get. A higher-quality score translates into lower cost per clicks, and even an increase in click-through ratios to your target page.

What Makes Your PPC Management Company the Best?

Tailored for you

We don’t give you cookie-cutter solutions. Before we even take you in as a client, we provide a complimentary discovery session where we dive deep into your business and goals. Any hidden issues within your business we’ll uncover.

Each business has its own goals and different roadblocks, so it only makes sense to provide custom solutions to solve those unique problems and goals.


We are experts in what we do. With years of experience under our belts, PPC management comes natural and we have learned to effectively adapt through multiple changes in various advertisement platforms.

We Are Data Driven

Let’s be honest. Not all of our PPC campaigns see results during its initial launch, but this leads to growth and gives a clearer path. Any flaws in the campaigns give a clearer vision on our optimization process. The numbers don’t lie.

Ongoing Optimization

No matter how well your campaigns are doing, there is always room for improvement. Ad campaigns we manage are never “finished”, and we continue to optimize your PPC accounts to bring the most results with the lowest cost. Adspend efficiency is the key to a successful PPC campaign.

Conversion Focused

Why waste your money on Ads that don’t convert? There’s no point throwing money into ads if there’s no return. This is why we strive for optimization. Getting a few conversions isn’t enough. We maximize the amount of conversions your budget can handle.

Does PPC Help SEO?

In a nutshell, yes, however, indirectly. PPC campaign performance doesn’t directly correlate to how well your site ranks, but it can provide invaluable intelligence.

Learning what keywords drive conversions can help inform your SEO strategy. You might uncover transactional keywords that traditional keyword research doesn’t surface.

What Industries Does PPC Work For?

PPC may or may not be right for your business. We’re happy to provide a free consultation to explore what might maximize the potential ROI for your organization.

We have done PPC management in Calgary for real estate companies, home builders, RV dealerships, plumbers, lawyers, eCommerce stores, hearing clinics and much more, and have seen massive success with their PPC campaigns.