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What is AdWords Quality Score?

When creating campaigns in AdWords you create ad groups, within these ad groups you add target keywords that you want your ads to display for when a user searches for them. Each of these keywords is then assigned a quality score by Google. The quality score determines how high in the rankings your ad will display and what your cost per click (CPC) will be, when these keywords are searched. The higher the quality score the higher your ad will rank and the lower your cost per click will be. This means that the quality score of your keywords can have a major impact on just how effective your AdWords campaigns are. Placing a focus on obtaining a high quality score for all of your keywords will result in more traffic for your website.

Have Relevant and Targeted Ad Groups

Breaking your AdWords campaigns into relevant and specific ad groups is important to creating high quality scores. You do not want generic wide arching ad groups that contain a variety of different keywords. Instead you want to create ad groups that contain keywords that are only relevant to each other. This is important because the relevancy of your ads and landing pages play a big role in quality score (more on this later). If you have small ad groups with similar keywords the more relevant the rest of your ad group content can be.

As an example let’s say you own a store and you want to advertise for shoes. You will not want to create an ad group called shoes and have a list of all types of shoes for your keywords. Instead you’ll want to create more specific ad groups for advertising different types of shoes. You would want to create a separate ad group for runners, hiking shoes, high heels, etc. This allows you to provide a smaller group of more relevant keywords for all of your ad groups.

Tailor your Ad Copy to your Keywords

Just how relevant your ad copy is to your keywords can have a major effect on your keywords quality score. Tailoring your ads to the keywords you have used in the ad group will increase the relevancy between your ads and keywords. If your ad copy incorporates your keywords then this will help to strengthen your quality score. Not only will this increase your quality score but it will also improve the click-through-rate of your ads as well.

Make your Landing Page Relevant to your Keywords

The landing page you choose to have your AdWords ads point to have a major effect on your quality scores. If your landing page does not contain the keywords used in your ad group or isn’t relevant to your keywords then it will have a negative effect on your quality scores. You will want to create landing pages that are highly relevant to the keywords in your ad group and that those keywords are used on the landing page. Creating strong relevance between your landing pages and your keywords will go a long way in improving your quality scores.

Relevant, Relevant, Relevant!

As you can probably see there is a common theme in creating high quality scores, keep everything relevant. This means starting with specific ad groups, then follow that specificity all the way down to the landing page of the ad. If you are able to keep your ad groups specific and relevant then you will see high quality scores. Then in turn you will see a more successful AdWords campaign.

Still Need Help?

Creating a successful AdWords campaign can be frustrating and confusing. If you need help taking your search engine advertising to the next level the expert team at Konstruct Interactive can help. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that has worked with all types of businesses. If you need help with your AdWords campaign please contact us.

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