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Why Use Price Extensions?

Google introduced price extensions to allow businesses to provide a larger showcase of their services and products to potential customers. Price extensions also cut down the steps a potential customer needs to take to reach a product or service that interests them. When using a price extension your ad can take a customer directly to the product or service they are interested in.

What are Price Extensions?

Price extensions for Google Adwords appear below your text ad on desktop and mobile, and give you more space to tell people details about what your business offers. They show as a set of up to 8 cards that people can view to see different options and prices. From your price menu, people can go directly to the item that interests them on your site.

Price Extension Ad

For example let’s say that you own a physiotherapy business. You can add price extensions to more generic campaigns such as massage, acupuncture and ultrasound. You can also add price extensions to more targeted ad groups for services such as therapeutic exercise, chiropractic services or cranio-sacral therapy. Price extensions can help you display the wide range of services you offer to potential customers.

What do Price Extensions do?

The primary use for price extensions is to display your business’s offerings to potential customers. They allow you to display your services and prices in an interactive manner that users can scroll through. Another great function of price extensions is the amount of steps it removes en route to a conversion. Price extensions take potential customers directly to the product or service they are looking for, and since they know the price of this service or product ahead of time they are much more likely to convert. Finally they make your ads much more effective with minimal work. There is no need to create new text ads or edit old ones, just create the price extensions in the ad extensions tab.

Do Price Extensions Cost More?

No they do not! A great feature of ad extensions is that they truly are just an extension of your text ad and this includes CPC (Cost Per Click). When a user clicks on your price extension the cost of that click equals that of a click on the title or display URL of the ad it is shown with. You are only charged when a user clicks on one of your price extensions and is directed to your website.

Your Business Should be Using Price Extensions

If you are a business that offers services or products at set prices then you should be using price extensions. They are cost effective and make conversions easier for potential customers. They also allow you to display a wide range of products or services with your existing ads. Make your Google AdWords text ads stand out even more and start using price extensions.

If you need help launching price extensions on your existing AdWords ads, or need an AdWords campaign developed with the inclusion of price extensions Konstruct Interactive can help. We have experience and knowledge in creating effective AdWords campaigns and optimizing them with price extensions. To get started with price extensions on your AdWords campaigns contact us.

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