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Writing effective ads for your ad groups can have a major impact on how successful your AdWords campaigns are. Investing the time to write compelling ads will help with your campaigns click-through-rate, cost per click and conversions. In this article we will go over a number of ways to improve the effectiveness of your AdWords ads.

Use Relevant Keywords and Content

For an ad to be successful in generating clicks to your website it must be relevant to the keywords you are targeting with the ad group. If your keywords are aimed towards users who are searching for dress shirts then your ad needs to convey that you are selling dress shirts.

Using a generic ad that just points out the fact you sell clothes and gives your store name will not generate clicks to your website. Your ad should say something like “large selection of dress shirts” or “affordable dress shirts,” this makes a direct connection between your ad group keywords and your ad. Not only does relevancy make it more likely users are going to click on your ad but it also helps with your keyword quality score.

Quality score impacts how much you will pay per click when someone clicks your ad as well as how often your ad appears and where your ad ranks on Google. Having an ad that is relevant to the keywords in your ad group will increase your quality score and improve your ads performance.

Make sure to use your keyword research when writing your ads for an ad group. Find out what keywords used in your ad group have the highest search volume and feature those keywords in your ads. The more relevant your ad is to a user search makes it more likely they will click on it. For example if someone searches for Mexican Restaurant Toronto and one of your ad headlines has the phrase Mexican Restaurant in Toronto this will increase the likelihood of a click through.

Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic keyword insertion is a feature offered in AdWords that will help make your ad copy more relevant while using a generic ad for a variety of keywords. Dynamic keyword insertion allows your ad to show a number of variations of a keyword based on the users search. For example let’s say you sell pizzas and you create an ad where the dynamic keyword is pizza. The ad by default would look like “Fresh Pizza in Vancouver” however if a user was to search for pepperoni pizza then your ad would look like “Fresh Pepperoni Pizza in Vancouver.” The ad will change dependant on the keyword the user searches to make it more relevant. Using dynamic keyword insertion will help increase the click-through-rate of your AdWords ads.

Use Ad Extensions

Google AdWords offers a variety of ad extension options and your campaigns should use as many that are relevant to your business.

  • Call and Location extensions will help increase the conversion rate of your ads, as it gives users an easy way to contact your business
  • Sitelink extensions will help improve your ad click-through-rates as they provide the user with links to additional products or services
  • Price extensions allows you to display a product or service with its price, these extensions can greatly improve an ads click-through-rate
  • Callout extensions allow you to share some key components of your business within your ad, this can be things like “book online,” “free parking,” “open evenings and weekends,” etc.

All of the available ad extensions allows you to present more information about your business in a single ad, giving users more reasons to click on your ad.

Write Multiple Ads

It is important to create several ads for your ad groups when creating your AdWords campaigns. Creating at least 2 to 3 ads for each ad group will allow you to test and see which ads are the most effective. Once you find an ad that has the highest click-through-rate prioritizing that ad will help increase the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns. Writing a number of ads to test what your users respond to is key in building a successful AdWords campaign.

Target the Right Audience
Ensuring that your ads are presented to the users who are most likely to engage with your business can have a huge impact on your AdWords ads. AdWords provides a number of ways to target users important to your business including geo-targeting, device targeting and demographics.

In the AdWords demographic section you can select specific age groups, genders and household incomes you want your ads to be displayed to. You can also target specific ad groups to different demographics allowing you to display different ads to different demographics. Presenting the right ad to the right user can have a huge impact on how well your campaigns perform

Let Us Help

Creating effective AdWords ads can be a time consuming and complicated process. Why not let experts with years of experience create ads that will be sure to make your AdWords campaign more effective. At Konstruct we are a Google partner and have AdWords experts that have worked with a wide variety of businesses. If you would like our help with your AdWords campaign please do not hesitate to contact us.

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