If the Characters in Friends Worked at a Digital Marketing Agency…

If the characters in Friends worked at a digital marketing agency… what positions would they have? 🤔

Well, we decided, to hunker down with a cup of joe in our favourite cafe and figure it out!☕️

1️⃣ Monica 

First up is Monica! We can definitely see her clean and meticulous nature fitting in well with the role of a Digital Strategist. We’re certain that no small detail would go overlooked! 📝

2️⃣ Chandler

We think Chandler would excel as an SEO Specialist. Since Chandler tends to get bored quickly, the dynamism of SEO would definitely keep him entertained. ✅

3️⃣ Phoebe

Phoebe would be an ideal Content & Social Media Specialist. With her ability to talk (or sing) about pretty much anything, she would be killer in the creative department. 🌸

4️⃣ Rachel

Rachel’s keen awareness of her surroundings would most definitely help her target specific audiences with her PPC campaigns as a PPC Specialist. 🎯

5️⃣ Ross

Developers need to be thorough and remember specifics to effectively execute people’s visions. We think Ross would be a great fit for this role. He certainly never forgot the status of his break with Rachel! ✍️

6️⃣ Joey

Joey’s extroverted personality and knack for conveying information in a way that builds credibility would help him execl as a Digital PR Specialist! 👍

What did you think of our break down? Have a different opinion? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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