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Google Business ListingLet’s start off by immediately answering the question “how important is my Google business listing?” Extremely important!

Consider the results for the Google search “shoe stores.” When this search term is entered the first thing you see at the very top of the search results is Google displaying a map with with local business listings. It will show the searcher three optimized local business listings close to them.

If you have not set up and optimized your Google local business listing, you will not show up when users are looking for local business providers. You are missing out not only on people looking for your products or services but customers who are actually close to you and ready to buy.

In the digital age, this is akin to not putting a sign in front of your business. Customers aren’t going to work that hard to find you. Customers want finding you to be easy.

Google now places an importance on displaying local business listings for generic search terms, meaning an optimized Google business listing is just as important as an optimized website for your business.[/fusion_text]

How to Get Your Google Business Listing to do some SEO work For You

Now that we have outlined just how important a Google business listing is, how does your business make sure your business listing ranks for search terms related to your products or services?

Step 1

The first step is to claim your Google local business listing. This process is pretty simple, first make sure that you have a Google account. Next you will need to navigate to the Google My Business manager by visiting and signing in. Once you have signed in click the blue “+” icon on the bottom right hand portion of the page and then click “Add a location.” You will then need to enter your business information and press continue.

Step 2

It will then ask you to select your business and present you with a verification method. The most common verification method is for Google to mail a verification code to your business location. Once you have received your verification code from Google log back into your Google My Business account and enter it. Once you enter the verification code you will be granted ownership for you Google local business listing.

Step 3

Once you have claimed your Google local business listing you have to make sure it is accurately representing your business. This starts by entering your business name, this seems simple but some businesses try to add location keywords for example “Mike’s Auto Body Calgary” when the business name is just “Mike’s Auto Body.” Don’t try and sway Google by entering a keyword rich business name this will just result in your business not appearing in searches, you want to enter your actual business name.

Step 4

Next you will need to enter your business category, it is important that if your business provides multiple services or products to select multiple business categories. Make sure the category that best represents your overall business is set as your primary category.

Step 5

The next step will be to enter your business information such as address, hours and website URL, again make sure these are accurate and match the information on your website or other online business listings.

Step 6

Finally you will need to add images of your business, make sure these are actual photos of your business and employees do not try to use stock imagery.

We Can Help with your Business Listing

Now that your Google local business listing has been claimed and optimized you are making your business much more visible to online users. If you require assistance claiming or optimizing your Google local business listing let the SEO experts at Konstruct Interactive help you. We have exceptional knowledge and experience when it comes to making online business listings stand out. For more information on how Konstruct Interactive can help you please contact us at 587-316-1681.

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