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Remarketing is a way of digitally marketing to users who have already viewed your businesses website or looked at your products online. You may have experienced remarketing while browsing online, if you have ever visited a site and looked at a certain product you may have seen ads for that product on other websites you visit from there on. This is because the website you viewed the product on is running a remarketing campaign.

How Does Remarketing Work?

So how does remarketing show you ads for products or businesses you have already viewed online? When you visit a site running remarketing your browser will have a cookie attached to it. This cookie will then tell Google to show you ads for the website you received the cookie from wherever Google display ads are shown. A different cookie can be attached to your browser for each individual product you view, this is why you may see ads for certain products from a single retailer.

Why is Remarketing Successful?

Now that we know how remarketing works let’s discuss what makes remarketing an effective online marketing strategy. What makes remarketing so effective is that it allows you to target users when they are most likely to buy. Interacting with consumers once they have viewed your product keeps your product at the front of their mind. This could be when they’re searching for your product, visiting other websites, and using other mobile apps. Remarketing provides timely touchpoints to drive your customers to your website when they’re most engaged. Remarketing increases users to revisit your website and gives them another opportunity to order your products or contact your business.

Remarketing is Customizable

Another advantage of remarketing is that it is very customizable. You can develop your remarketing campaign for a single product, multiple products or all of your products. You can control exactly which products you want to feature in your remarketing campaign based on your business goals.

We can Help with your Remarketing Campaigns

If you are interested on implementing a remarketing campaign in your digital marketing strategy contact the SEM experts at Konstruct Interactive. We have exceptional experience and knowledge in developing and running remarketing campaigns for a variety of business types. For more information on how Konstruct Interactive can help run a remarketing campaign for your business contact us at 587-316-1681.

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Joel Messner

SEO Lead

Joel provides digital marketing and development services here at Konstruct Digital. He is knowledgeable and experienced in SEO, SEM, social marketing and various other digital marketing avenues. He has worked with local businesses and large corporations to help them grow their web traffic. He is fixated on the newest innovations coming to the digital marketing landscape.