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What are Google Shopping Ads?

Most likely you have already seen a number of Google Shopping ads when searching for products you have been interested in on Google. Google Shopping ads appear either as boxes at the top of the search results page, or to the right of the search engine listings when searching for specific products on Google. Google Shopping ads will display an image of the product, the name of the product, a price, the name of the retailer and a star rating or some other key information about the product. Retailers will pay for these ads and manage the products that are displayed in these ads through Google’s Merchant Centre.

Should your Business be Using Google Shopping Ads?

There are a few main variables you should consider before deciding to advertise your products through Google Shopping Ads.

  1. Are you an online retailer?
    Do you even sell your products online? If not then Google Shopping ads won’t help you at all.
  2. Do you sell a large amount of products?
    If your business does not sell in excess of 500 different products then it will be hard for your business to get any visibility using Google Shopping ads.
  3. Is your product category competitive?
    If your business is selling products in a more specialized industry such as automotive parts or greeting cards then you will have more success in generating revenue with Google Shopping. If you’re in a more general industry such as clothing or food then generating traffic and revenue may be difficult.
  4. Do you have a large online marketing budget?
    If you are unable to commit a budget of at least several hundreds of dollars a day then you will not be able to display your Google Shopping ads reliably.
  5. Do you have a good website?
    Site quality plays a major role on how often your Google Shopping ads are displayed. If your site is fast, has a good user experience and good content then you can have a lot of success using Google Shopping ads. If it hasn’t been updated in years or is rough around the edges then you may struggle.

Google Shopping ads are geared toward more major online retailers. If your online store offers a wide selection of products and generates a large amount of revenue, Google Shopping ads are for you. Google Shopping ads are a great way to add another stream of online revenue to your online store if you already have a very strong foothold.

Still Unsure About Google Shopping Ads?

At Konstruct Digital we can take a closer look at your business and online retail store. That way you can get our expert opinion as to whether or not Google Shopping ads are a good investment for your business. Please contact us so we can start helping you.

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