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Before launching your AdWords campaign you will want to ensure the landing page you are using for your campaign is relevant to your campaign, and will help you reach the goal you are trying to complete. Having a well planned out landing page can have a major impact on whether your AdWords campaign is successful or not.

Before you begin to build your landing page there are a few things you will want to identify about your AdWords campaign first. You will want to consider what you are trying to accomplish with your campaign and what you want out of your landing page. Are you trying to generate leads? Increase web traffic? Get sign ups? Sell products? Whatever your ultimate goal is your landing page has to reflect this.

If your ad campaign is for example built around increasing delivery requests for you restaurant then your landing page better have a section where a user can place an online order, prominently display a delivery phone number, or have some sort of call-to-action that says order now. Do not send your users to a page with a menu and then expect them to just instinctively call in with an order.

A good call-to-action is imperative to a successful landing page. Making it easy for a user to complete the goal you have set out for your campaign on your landing page will go a long way to making your campaign successful.

Before you launch your AdWords campaign you will also need to ensure that your landing page is as relevant to your campaign as it can be. If you’re trying to sell running shoes then the landing page needs to have content specific to running shoes, it can’t be a page that has content just about shoes in general. The landing page needs to contain content that is relevant to the keywords you are targeting in your AdWords campaign.

There are two main reasons your landing page needs to be relevant, first off it will increase the quality score of your keywords. Each keyword in your AdWords campaign will be given a quality score based on a number of factors and your landing page relevance has a significant impact. Quality score impacts your ads cost-per-click, rankings and how often they appear in search results.

The other reason you want to ensure your landing page has relevant content is to improve how effective it is. If a user is expecting to see running shoes when they click your ad and they end up seeing something else then they are likely to leave your site right away. Relevant landing page content will help your AdWords campaign reach its goals.

Creating effective and engaging landing pages can be complicated and time consuming. If your business needs help with building landing pages or any other component of an AdWords campaign the team at Konstruct can help. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that has built successful AdWords campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. Please contact us with any questions you may have, or to see how we can help you.

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