Build The Ultimate Email Campaign

For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to teach you how to build the ultimate email campaign 📩 to convert more of your customers! ⁣⁣

Email marketing can be tough. 😣 You need to be good with conversion rate optimization, copywriting, and timing to get it right. Here are some general rules of thumb for creating an awesome email campaign:⁣⁣

Rule 01:⁣⁣
Make sure each email has a clear purpose 💡 (one idea per email). You don’t want to distract your customers, keep them focused on the message in that particular email.⁣⁣

Rule 02:⁣⁣
Each email should have one clear CTA. 📢 Because you’re focusing on one idea, focus on one clear action you want them to take as well. ⁣⁣

Rule 03:⁣⁣
Don’t make the emails too text-heavy. 📖 Keep them short and sweet! Your customers want quick, concise messaging, not a novel.⁣⁣

Rule 04:⁣⁣
Write every email in pairs. 📑 Each email should have a subsequent follow-up email. If they don’t take the offer, what can you follow up with to entice them?⁣⁣

Rule 05:⁣⁣
Think of the buyer journey. 🗺️ Where is this person in the journey, and what can you do to nourish them as a lead? Remember, the buyer journey doesn’t end after they make a purchase. Keep doing your best to add value.⁣⁣

That’s all for now! For all of your email marketing needs, the team at Konstruct Digital is here to help. 👍

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