5 Instagram SEO Hacks to Boost Your Discoverability

Do you want more eyes 👀 and engagement ♥️ on your Instagram posts? Instagram SEO could be the answer you’re looking for! 

But can you really use the same SEO techniques you use to optimize webpages for a social media app? For the most part – yes! 👍

Here are 5 Instagram SEO hacks to help you optimize your Instagram profile and content to boost your discoverability through Instagram search: 

1️⃣ Add your target keyword to your name and username

Number 1: Choose a target keyword and incorporate it in your name and username

2️⃣ Add relevant secondary keywords to your bio

Number 2: Add relevant keywords in your Instagram bio

3️⃣ Use relevant secondary keywords in your captions

Number 3: Use relevant descriptive keywords in your Instagram captions to boost your ads of appearing on the Explore page of people interested in related topics

4️⃣ Treat your hashtags as additional keywords

Number 4: Hashtags aren't dead. Continue to use hyper-relevant, targeted hashtags in your captions

5️⃣ Add your own alt text in advanced settings before you post

Number 5: Write your own alt text and add it to your photos by clicking on 'Advanced Setting' before publishing your posts

Don’t forget that Instagram has its own built-in search engine. Just like you can optimize your website and webpages to rank on page 1 of Google, you can optimize your Instagram profile and content to rank at the top of Instagram search results. 🙌




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