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Content creation for SEO

It is no secret that content marketing is an important part of any SEO strategy. Creating effective content for SEO continues to evolve, and search engines continue to adapt in order to give users the best results. An importance is now being placed on thorough content that can provide a user with all the information they are searching for.

Create Thorough, On Topic Content

SerpIQ conducted a study involving more than 20,000 keywords. The results showed that the average content length of each of the top 10 results on Google was more than 2,000 words. The average number of words for the content in the #1 spot was 2,416. For the #10 spot, the average number of words was 2,032.

Making sure your content provides enough information to users is important to Google and other search engines. However just writing a lot of words won’t ensure your content ranks high on Google. Your content needs to stay focused and on topic, you cannot jam unrelated content onto your page just to reach a certain word count.

Make your Content Relatable

It is important that your content is keyword focused and users language and terms that relates to your users. This means regularly including keywords in your content that you would like the page to rank for on search engines. These keywords have to be integrated naturally however trying to overuse certain search terms in your content is considered keyword stuffing. If a search engine determines that your content is guilty of keyword stuffing it will penalize that page in its rankings.

It is also important to use language that relates to your users. That means if you are trying to target users who are unfamiliar with your product you cannot be too technical. You will need to use basic terminology and explanations to help users understand who you are. Don’t expect every user to have the same knowledge of your product or industry that you do.

Make Your Content Digestible

Presenting users with a wall of text is not a great way to garner favour with those visiting your website or search engines. The best way to present thorough content is by breaking it out into sub sections of your main topic. For example if you were writing content on vehicle repair you could break your content into topics describing the services offered, the technicians performing the repairs, the benefits of having a vehicle repaired at your auto shop and the quality of work. Breaking content into sections allows users to quickly find the specific information they are looking for, and makes it much easier to read.

Another part of making long content pages digestible is creating a good user experience. Again don’t just throw a wall of text on your page. A great way to do this is is by breaking your content up with sub-headers. Identify each section of your content so users can easily skip to a section that provides them with the information that they need. You can also use bullet points or numbered sections to make important points easy to identify. Use images to create some visual interest on your page and include anchor links to allow users to navigate quickly to the content they are looking for. You do not want users to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content on a page.

Your Content Needs to be Correct

When creating thorough content it is important that it is written by someone who is knowledgeable or experienced in the topic, or written by someone who has done research into the topic. While it is important to write content for search engines, your goals should typically be related to users. Users need to be considered number 1 when developing content for your website. Confusing or misleading content will ensure users won’t come back to your website. It is important to fact check and make sure your content is correct.

Do spelling and grammar matter when it comes to SEO?

The short answer is no. A search engine like Google generally won’t care if your content contains grammatical or spelling errors. It cares more about whether or not you are providing users with quality content. However your spelling and grammatical errors will affect your user’s experience. It is important to make sure your content is free of any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors for the actual people visiting your website. The integrity of your content can quickly be compromised if your users encounter a myriad of spelling and grammatical errors.

Inclusion of Media in SEO Content

The addition of infographics, images and video can go along way in helping both the user experience and SEO for your content. Infographics are almost always worth the investment to create. They often deliver key statistics related to your content in a quick and easy to absorb manner and they are easily shareable. Users like to pass on infographics to other users via social media, the links back to your content will help your SEO tremendously.

Including video is also a great way to increase user engagement with your content. The digital trend is users would prefer to consume their content through video instead of through text. The presence of a video on a webpage can also substantially increase where a page ranks on search engines. If you have the chance to include a video related to your topic within your content you should take advantage.

Konstruct Interactive Can Help

Creating and optimizing thorough content is a time consuming process that takes experience and certain knowledge. The SEO specialists at Konstruct Interactive are experts at creating content that will improve your rankings on search engines. Our SEO team has worked with a wide variety of businesses, helping them implement content strategies that have greatly increased their web traffic. If you would like more information on how Konstruct Interactive can help your business please contact us at 587-316-1681.

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