YouTube Introduces Dynamic Lineups for Advanced Contextual Ad Targeting

Did you know that watch time of YouTube videos on TV screens increased 80% since the previous year!? 📺

As more people switch to YouTube, more marketers are also making the switch. Why? Better targeting at a fraction of the price!

YouTube is making changes to make the switch even more appealing to marketers. Their machine learning systems are now able to better determine the content in each video to create dynamic lineups across topics, cultural moments, or popularity. This provides marketers with advanced contextual targeting options so they can better access the customers with the unique interests that best suit their brand or products!

This is a great opportunity to get your ad in front of a more receptive audience! Video advertising based on consumer interest has proved to have significantly more impact than video advertising based on demographics 🙌

Would you consider making the switch to YouTube for your ad campaigns? 




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