5 Steps to Write an Interesting Headline

A big part of getting people to read your content is crafting an attention-grabbing headline that actually draws people in.

Step 1) Be specific! If there’s too much clutter, you’ll lose people’s attention. Headlines should state their purpose and draw the attention of their intended reader with the content’s topic.

Step 2) Include strong adjectives and action verbs in your headline. It’s time to break out the thesaurus and find words that will entice your audience. For example, “10 ways to be a better snowboarder” isn’t nearly as enticing “10 ways to improve your snowboard skills”. Step 3) Use numbers! This is one of the best headline hacks out there. Studies have shown that using numbers has increased clickthrough rates and that users prefer them.

Step 3) Use numbers! Studies show that headlines with numbers have increased clickthrough rates.

Step 4) Mention the reader. Using words like “you” and “your” makes your headline more relatable and gives the user the opportunity to think about what it would mean to them.

Step 5) Ask a question. Asking a question triggers a natural reflex in human beings that either piques their curiosity or makes them want to respond. This is by far one of the most engaging tactics you can use for a headline.

There you have it. If you follow these steps, you will be a Jedi headline writing master in no time!

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