Would You Survive?

We’re obsessed with Squid Game! 🦑 So much so, we made our own… (minus a few aspects… mainly all the murders.)

We rounded up all the experts at Konstruct and asked them which aspects of digital marketing are the most challenging. 

If you can make it through these 6 games, you must be a digital marketing pro! 👍

Oh also – if you win, there’s a huge piggy bank full of money waiting for you. 💰 

Let’s get started ⬇️

Game 1:

Find the semicolon that’s breaking the entire site 💻

Game 2:

Guess which ranking factors will matter most in the next Google Core Algorithm Update 🧑‍💻

Game 3:

Write landing page copy that perfectly balances SEO & CRO ⌨️

Game 4:

Guess how the new iOS update will impact online marketing 📱

Game 5:

Find a keyword that 🔍

-matches intent 

-provides impactful search volume

-has manageable competition 

Game 6:

Migrate an entire website to a new domain by Friday 😅

So… would you survive the Digital Marketing Squid Game? 🦑

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