Don’t Optimize Your Facebook Ads Too Soon!

When it comes to running Facebook Ads, patience is a virtue. 🙏 For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to go over when you should start to optimize your ads. ⁣

Advertisers begin to panic 😱 when ads run, but no results are delivered within the first 24 hours. Many test daily ad budgets of $5-10, and they quickly turn off ads that don’t convert or cost too much per conversion.⁣

Remember, the data 📊 you get from Facebook Ads in the learning phase isn’t perfect. The initial results are not representative of the whole picture because the ads haven’t reached a large enough audience yet.⁣

This is where being patient ⏳ is important. As a rule of thumb, wait for your ads to reach at least 1,500 people before considering making changes. It may even be worth using an online sample size calculator to figure out what the results will look like later. Try this calculator:⁣

If you target by age and gender 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 with copy or creative variations, make sure each segment reaches at least 1,500 people before taking any results seriously.⁣

If you jump the gun and change things up too quickly, you may be missing out 🙇‍♀️ on opportunities for ads that could convert well later! ⁣

There you have it! This is a simple and actionable way to help you evaluate your Facebook Ad campaigns more effectively. Like this post and follow us for more digital marketing tips!

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