What is Keyword Intent & Why is it Important?

The KEY🔑 to Google Ads is getting into the minds of your audience 🧠 (or at least using data to understand why they search what they search). 🤔

With Christmas quickly approaching, ensure you are running your ads with keyword intent in mind! ðŸ”Ž 🎁

Keyword intent (AKA search intent) represents the purpose of a user’s search.

You have to choose the right keyword with the right intent for the purpose of your ad, or you will be running ads to an audience that doesn’t align with your campaign goals. 👇

Keyword intent can be broken down into 4 types:

1️⃣ Informational intent 👉 This is when your audience is searching for specific information (you may not even be able to run ads to this audience). This would be your TOF audience!

For example, “What is the meaning of Christmas?” 🎄

2️⃣ Commercial intent 👉 This is when your audience hasn’t fully decided on which product or service they want but are actively searching for solutions. This would target your MOF audience! 

 For example, “Gift ideas for mom” 🎁

3️⃣ Navigational intent 👉 This is could be current customers returning to make a purchase or returning customers who have yet to convert and are trying to make a decision This would be your BOF audience! 

For example, “The Jolly Christmas Shop” 😀

4️⃣ Transactional intent 👉 This is when your audience is ready to purchase and knows what product or service they want. This would also target your BOF audience!

For example, “Where to buy matching holiday pajamas” 💰

Understanding search intent related to your keywords will help you optimize and structure your campaigns to deliver better results at a better cost. 

✨ Pro Tip ✨: check the search terms section of your campaign or ad group to see what users searched that delivered your ad. This will provide you with better information about user intent. From here, you can make refinements to the keywords you are targeting and add in any negative keywords. ✔️

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