What Are Your Competitors Doing?

For #TipTuesday this week, we want to remind you how critical it is to keep an eye on your competitors.

First, we need to identify who our top 10 competitors are. If you’re unsure of who they are, a simple Google search will uncover this. Businesses ranking on the first page of search results are usually strong competitors to watch.

Watching our competitors enables us to identify what is working well for them, find opportunities in the market, and most importantly, gives us the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Use those ten competitors you’ve just uncovered and look for these things within their digital marketing campaigns.

When it comes to social media, what social networks are they using? What kind of content are they posting? Analyze their overall style and determine how you can create content that is more effective for your business.

What kind of web content are they creating? Are they writing blogs, creating case studies, buyer guides, FAQ sections, or any other kind of content that would be beneficial to your business? If so, what kind of content would you create to achieve a competitive parity for your business

Last but not least, take a look at your competitors’ websites. If their websites are easier to use than yours, provides more information, or makes it easy to book an appointment or make a purchase, yours should do the same or make it even easier.

Watching your competitors digital marketing strategies can make or break your business in this day and age. Don’t get left behind!

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