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Instagram Live Streams Are Now Viewable on The Web

Have you ever found yourself wanting to watch or at least listen to an Instagram live broadcast πŸ“² from a thought leader or influencer but had no way to sit and watch it on your phone? ⁣
Now there’s a solution! Instagram Live streams are now viewable πŸ’» on the web. The interface is similar to mobile live streams and supports two-person streams. ⁣
The main difference with viewing a live stream on your computer is that it takes advantage of the extra screen space πŸ–₯️ to keep comments separate from the video. ⁣
You won’t have to deal with half of the broadcaster’s face πŸ‘© being covered by a seemingly endless barrage of comments coming in! ⁣
Although you cannot start a broadcast from your desktop this is still super handy. πŸ™Œ There have been times where we wished we could have listened to digital marketing thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk or Alex Tooby providing a lot of value over IG live. ⁣
Now we can tune in from our computers and keep working while learning about new trends and techniques! 😁 We’re excited to see the wealth of knowledge that is available. ⁣
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