How to Crush it on TikTok!

TikTok is a social media network 📲 for sharing bite-sized videos. Being a budding new network, there are massive opportunities for organic growth, similar to the glory days of Instagram. ⁣

For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to give you a few tips to blow up 💥 your content on the app so you can channel some of the viral growth for your business.⁣

Step 1) Content creation. ⁣
Copy, copy, copy. This app is full of copycat content. Follow the trends you see on the app. Think: How can I take a trending video concept and use it for my business? 🤔 Here’s one of the trends we’ve jumped on. ⁣

Step 2) Music and sounds matter.⁣
TikTok “sounds” 🎧 are the music or audio that is overlaid on the clip. When you tap on a sound, you’ll see a feed similar to a hashtag. There’s a ton of traffic on trending sounds and songs, try to incorporate these into your content. ⁣

Step 3) Hashtags. ⁣
On TikTok, your hashtag strategy #️⃣ should be the opposite of Instagram. There are many opportunities to get onto the “For You” page with trending hashtags. Try to incorporate two to four trending tags into each video and add a few niche tags as well.⁣

Step 4) Just have fun with it. ⁣
Just have fun adding sounds and songs on top of your content! 😁 Using this strategy, the #KTeam has been able to get over 300k views on some content.

That’s a wrap! For all of your social media marketing needs, Konstruct Digital is here to help. 🙌

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