This Post Was Written By Artificial Intelligence!

What’s all the buzz about Artificial Intelligence writing tools anyways!? 🤖 ✍️

Our team decided to take matters into our own hands, and give it a shot with the following topic input! 👀

* Did you know artificial intelligence can write your content for you? *

AI Output:

Aye, Artificial intelligence that is, the same intelligence that powers Google translation and FaceTime. 🕎

And with access to hundreds of millions of words, this content-creating machine can answer most questions and bring efficiency to your marketing strategy.⁣⁣

Automating the process of content marketing is one way to save hours on social media.

It is estimated that by the end of 2020, most enterprise applications will be operating with AI. In a world where automation can do most of our tasks for us, is there a use for human employees?

With over 95% of business decision makers expecting technology to automate more functions in their organizations, artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid rate. Software uses algorithms to take input and produce the desired output – but what about creativity?

So, our thoughts? 💭

1️⃣ The AI seemed to struggle a bit with grammar. 🤖

2️⃣ It apparently has some trouble with accuracy. The end of 2020 is long gone!

3️⃣ The emoji usage was pretty random! We’re not sure what a menorah has to do with the topic. 🕎

4️⃣ AI is apparently planning for world domination! 😂

To answer the AI’s rhetorical question, “is there a use for human employees?”, we say YES!

AI writing technology can most definitely begin to save us time and play a great part in the writing process… IF humans are still involved too 🙋‍♀️

So, what do you think? 🤔 Would you let AI replace your content marketer? Let us know in the comments. 👇

Tool used: Rytr

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