The Truth About Blog Content Lengths

Do you hate reading a blog that feels like the length of an encyclopedia 📖 , or worse, one that provides little-to-no info? Us too! 

We asked our Managing Partner, Amanda Thomas, to share her thoughts on blog lengths 🤔. Here’s what she had to say:

👉 There is no one-size-fits-all number. You should never determine the target length of your blog posts arbitrarily.
👉 Google doesn’t care about the length of your content. There isn’t a magic number in Google’s algorithm to target.
👉 Google does care about answering the users’ queries sufficiently. Sometimes that can mean a lot of content (ahem: words) is required.
👉 Add unique thought. Don’t just regurgitate all of the other content out there on the same subject. Add your own unique spin or data.

So…there isn’t really an ideal blog post length. Evaluate your content, include what’s important, and don’t include pointless filler content.

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