If The Office Was a Digital Marketing Agency…

We may not be Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, 📝 but we still have an office full of characters! 

Although there are no staplers in jello around here, it did get us thinking… If The Office was a digital marketing agency… what positions would each of the characters have? 🤔

🤓 SEO Specialist 🤓

SEO requires a combination of logic, creativity and … being right (Or at least knowing the best practices). As we all know, this is basically Dwight to a tee. Dwight is also Dunder Mifflin’s resident rule-follower and loves to tell people when they’re wrong, meaning he would definitely steer clear of black hat SEO and could probably conduct a killer SEO audit. 

✨Social Media Specialist ✨ 

Social media is an imaginative and dynamic place. You gotta be able to change gears on the fly. That’s why we think Kelly would be an ideal fit. Kelly keeps up with the latest pop culture trends, and her insight would definitely come in handy to develop viral content for clients!

✅ PPC (Pay-per-click) Specialist ✅

PPC demands a rare type. One that loves to play the rules (a BIG necessity), is decisive and extremely planned. Who better than Angela to fill this role? Plus she’s already a part of PPC (the party planning committee).

👀 Developer 👀

Developers are known for being the architects of the marketing world and also being pretty tech-obsessed. Cue Ryan. With his perfectionist complex and the fact that he already developed his own website (, we think he’s the obvious choice for this position. 

📈Digital Strategist 📈

Digital Strategists are the ones who put all the pieces together to build the big picture (just like Stanely and his puzzles). Although we prefer our digital strategists to have more enthusiasm for their jobs, Stanley sure does light up a room when he’s talking to his clients. 

So there’s our rundown of what The Office would look like as a digital marketing agency! What do you think? Who do you think would excel in each position? Let us know in the comments below. 👇

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