The Awakening of the DEAD Social Media Platforms

WARNING! ðŸ‘ŧ This spOOky Halloween tale may keep you up all night… proceed at your own discretion. 🎃

The awakening of the DEAD social media platforms has struck terror at the Konstruct Digital offices! 🧟‍♀ïļ

All havoc has broken loose… and the Konstruct office is shrieking with…

ðŸĨ€ The haunting laughter of VINE,

⚡ The poignant cries of GOOGLE+,

😰 and… the petrifying anger of MYSPACE for having been forgotten.

They’re relentlessly searching the Konstruct Digital halls to seek VENGENCE from their killer, Facebook. ⚰ïļ

…if only they had known the world had already left Facebook for dead. ðŸŠĶ

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