Meet Our New Social Media & Content Specialist, Maya

We are so excited to welcome our newest member of the Social Media & Content Team, Maya! 🎉

Maya is a true creative star⭐! She believes it’s an absolute MUST to have multiple creative outlets to keep things new and exciting, which is a fantastic mindset to have–especially on the content team!

Learn more about Maya: 👇

1️⃣ She is the biggest BTS fan we know! Ask her about BTS, and she will happily become a walking encyclopedia. 🎶

2️⃣ When Maya isn’t working, you can find her painting or dancing around her house. She is truly a ball of creativity! 🎨

3️⃣ Maya’s best friend is her lovable dog, Beni, a 12-year-old pug. 🐶

After learning about Maya’s never-ending curiosity over the latest social media trends and her love for creating new and exciting content, we knew she was the perfect addition to our content team! 🤩

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